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Author(s)TitleISI Journal NameYear of publicationVolume (issue/no.): pages
Patrulea, V; Applegate, LA; Ostafe, V; Jordan, O; Borchard, GOptimized synthesis of O-carboxymethyl-N,N,N-trimethyl chitosanCarbohydrate Polymers2015122: 46-52
Bratan, A; Mincea, M; Lupsa, IR; Pirtea, MG; Ostafe, VQuantification of Nicotine and Cotinine in Teenager's UrineStudia Universitatis Babes-Bolyai Chemia201459 (1): 47-61
Parvulescu, L; Zaharia, CDistribution and ecological preferences of noble crayfish in the Carpathian Danube basin: biogeographical insights into the species historyHydrobiologia2014726 (1): 53-63
Negrulescu, A; Patrulea, V; Mincea, M; Moraru, C; Ostafe, VThe Adsorption of Tartrazine, Congo Red and Methyl Orange on Chitosan BeadsDigest Journal of Nanomaterials and Biostructures20149 (1): 45-52
Popovici, H; Albulescu, M; Turugă, L; Chiriac, AHighlighting The Interactions Of Heavy Metals With Soil Components And Determination Of The Intensity Of These InteractionsJournal of Environmental Protection and Ecology (JEPE)201415 (1): 73
Mâşu, S; Albulescu, M; Bălăsescu, LCAssessment On Phytoremediation Of Crude Oil Polluted Soils With Achillea Millefolium And Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons Removal EfficiencyRevista de Chimie201465 (9): 1103-1107
Vlad-Oros, B; Dascalu, D; Dudas, Z; Popovici, H; Preda, G; Ostafe, VEquilibrium and Kinetics Studies Regarding the Adsorption of Copper(Ii) Ions by Various Types of Chitosan BeadsDigest Journal of Nanomaterials and Biostructures20138 (3): 917-927
Mâşu, S; Rus, V; Albulescu, MStudies on Plant Growth and Metal Bioaccumulation in Crops on Fly Ash Disposal SiteJournal of Environmental Protection and Ecology (JEPE)201314 (3): 986
Isvoran, A; Craciun, D; Martiny, V; Sperandio, O; Miteva, MAComputational analysis of protein-protein interfaces involving an alpha helix: insights for terphenyl-like molecules bindingBasic & Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology201314 (31)
Filimon, MN; Nica, DV; Ostafe, V; Bordean, DM; Borozan, AB; Vlad, DC; Popescu, RUse of enzymatic tools for biomonitoring inorganic pollution in aquatic sediments: a case study (Bor, Serbia)Chemistry Central Journal20137 (59)
Patrulea, V; Negrulescu, A; Mincea, MM; Pitulice, LD; Spiridon, OB; Ostafea, VOptimization of the Removal of Copper(II) Ions from Aqueous Solution on Chitosan and Cross-Linked Chitosan BeadsBioresources20138 (1): 1147-1165
Putz, MV; Putz, AMDFT Chemical Reactivity Driven by Biological Activity: Applications for the Toxicological Fate of Chlorinated PAHsApplications of Density Functional Theory to Biological and Bioinorganic Chemistry2013150: 181-231
Negrulescu, A; Patrulea, V; Mincea, MM; Ionascu, C; Vlad-Oros, BA; Ostafe, VAdapting the Reducing Sugars Method with Dinitrosalicylic Acid to Microtiter Plates and Microwave HeatingJournal of the Brazilian Chemical Society201223 (12): 2176-2182
Mincea, M; Negrulescu, A; Ostafe, VPreparation, Modification, and Applications of Chitin Nanowhiskers: A ReviewReviews on Advanced Materials Science201230 (3): 225-242
Mâşu, S; Burtica, G; Jurj, LN; Albulescu, MAspects of Sustainable Development: Fly Ash Deposits, Biosolids, Contaminated BiomassStudia Universitatis Babes-Bolyai, Seria Chemia2012LVII (3): 249-258
Uruioc, S; Masu, S; Sinitean, A; Albulescu, MMud Volcanoes from Banat Region (Romania): their environment impactCarpathian Journal of Earth and Environmental Sciences20127 (3): 145 – 158
Craciun, D; Pitulice, L; Ciorsac, A; Ostafe, V; Isvoran, AProteins Surface Roughness Analysis. Comparison of Crystallographic and NMR StructuresRomanian Reports in Physics201264 (1): 116-126
Ciorsac, A; Craciun, D; Ostafe, V; Isvoran, AA bioinformatics characterization of the human glycogen phosphorylase surface binding regionsRomanian Biotechnological Letters201116 (5): 6473-6480
Putz, MV.; Ionascu, C; Putz, AM; Ostafe, VAlert-QSAR. Implications for Electrophilic Theory of Chemical CarcinogenesisInternational Journal of Molecular Sciences201112 (8): 5098-5134
Ciorsac, A; Craciun, D; Ostafe, V; Isvoran, ANonlinear correlations in the hydrophobicity and average flexibility along the glycolytic enzymes sequencesChaos Solitons & Fractals201144 (4-5): 191-197
Craciun, D; Isvoran, A; Reisz, RD; Avram, NMDistinct Fractal Characteristics of Monomer and Multimer ProteinsFractals-Complex Geometry Patterns and Scaling in Nature and Society201018 (2): 207-214
Putz, MVCompactness Aromaticity of Atoms in MoleculesInternational Journal of Molecular Sciences201011 (4): 1269-1310
Craciun, D; Isvoran, A; Avram, NMLong range correlation of hydrophilicity and flexibility along the calcium binding protein chainsPhysica A-Statistical Mechanics And Its Applications2009388 (21): 4609-4618
Craciun, D; Isvoran, A; Avram, NMLong-Range Correlation in Atomic Vibration of Chicken Lysozyme BackboneActa Physica Polonica A2009116 (4): 684-686
Putz, MV; Putz, AM; Lazea, M; Ienciu, L; Chiriac, AQuantum-SAR Extension of the Spectral-SAR Algorithm. Application to Polyphenolic Anticancer BioactivityInternational Journal of Molecular Sciences200910 (3): 1193-1214
Craciun, D; Vlad-Oros, B; Filimon, MN; Ostafe, V; Isvoran, AA computational approach of structural properties of glycoside hydrolases family 4 from bacteriaActa Biochimica Polonica201360(4): 553-564
Vlădoiu, D; Filimon, MN; Ostafe, V; Isvoran, A.
Assessment of pesticides interactions with Bacillus pasteurii urease. A computational studyRomanian Journal of Physics201560(3-4):583-592
Filimon, MN; Voia, SO; Vladoiu, DL; Isvoran, A; Ostafe, V.Temperature dependent effect of difenoconazole on enzymatic activity from the soilJournal of Serbian Chemical Society201580(0)1–13, doi:10.2298/JSC141218030F (Accepted: 26. 03. 2015)

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