Our Expertise


Main Goals:
AERL goals are to develop the scientific knowledge required to:
  • Promote research and teaching in the area of chemistry and biology and related fields like environmental chemistry, analytical chemistry, microbiology, bioinformatics, molecular biology, etc.
  • Promote the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas among the areas of chemistry, biology, environmental chemistry, genomics, microbiology, hydrology, environmental engineering, etc.
  • Promote interaction among faculty, staff, and students
  • Manage multidisciplinary interactions in a wide range of scientific areas
  • Understand how multiple stresses interact to affect biological and ecological processes in aquatic and terrestrial systems
  • Protect the biodiversity and ecosystems
  • Provide support for environmental speakers and sabbatical visitors
  • Provide a bridge for the gap between research, innovation and business creation
Educational Activities:
  • Promotes cross-disciplinary research for graduates and undergraduates
  • Provides funding for experimental, theoretical or field research works
  • Hosts the Annual Environmental Chemistry Research Student Symposium for student presentations
  • Hosts various types of scientific events organized by West University of Timișoara – Faculty of Chemistry – Biology – Geography, Department of Biology – Chemistry
Services Provided:
  • Provides advice on environmental issues related with chemistry and biology matters
  • Provides access to research facilities, analytical services, and expertise

Advanced Environmental Research Laboratories / Laboratoarele de Cercetări Avansate de Mediu