Our Strategy


Interdisciplinary research of environmental relevant, chemical, biological, ecological, and bio-informatics processes

Realization of projects in the field of environmental research and environmental technology development Offer of interdisciplinary and environmental relevant lectures for further education/training

Support of the interdisciplinary scientific work of all members of the institution, of the young scientists and further qualification of the scientific staff.


Monitoring and analyses of the environment and tracing of substances of anthropogenic origin (xenobiotics).

Risk analyses for humans and ecosystems, as well as weak point analyses of production processes.

Development and adaptation of procedures for the minimization of environmental pollution and its avoidance within the production integrated environmental protection.

Development of new techniques for the production of bio-compatible products.

Within the AERL consists a broad range of knowledge and methods, which are used synergistically by all research teams of the institution and which are constantly supplemented and further developed.

Equipment and laboratories are also used commonly and are therefore an excellent base for interdisciplinary projects.


The conception of the building and the equipment of the AERL offers most optimal premises to conduct interdisciplinary research projects. Working facilities are only partly bound to certain disciplines. Special laboratories and other infrastructures are in the responsibility of certain research groups, but also can be used by all others.

The AERL offers convenient premises for the organization of small workshops, conferences, seminars, or company presentations.

Advanced Environmental Research Laboratories / Laboratoarele de Cercetări Avansate de Mediu