Doctoral Academic Studies

The aim of the DOCTORAL ACADEMIC STUDIES process is knowledge and capability for independent scientific and research work, use of literature, solving problems and acting creatively beyond current knowledge. There is a national and international need for more researchers to address problems in the areas of human health, disease treatment, and a sustainable environment at the molecular level.  AERL stresses the interdisciplinary nature of this research. Society’s growing need to understand and respond to problems at the biochemical and molecular levels is boundless. Researchers are rapidly developing powerful tools in order to analyze and model complex processes and systems in the areas of human health, medicine, forestry, and agriculture.

The study program contains optional subjects, which students choose depending on the optional field (module). Students profile their research interest by choosing subjects which they will study and pass. These subjects contribute to the knowledge and understanding the topic of the PhD thesis. Subjects can be taught within the group or individually (with mentor). Group teaching is performed in the case when there are five or more students interested in a certain subject, i.e. if this type of teaching is necessary due to the nature (character) of the subject.

AERL offers the following courses for doctoral academic studies:

Advanced Environmental Research Laboratories / Laboratoarele de Cercetări Avansate de Mediu