AERL in close collaboration with Department of Biology – Chemistry and with Inter-University Pilot Center for Communication and Marketing for Intellectual Property from West University of Timisoara (IPCCMIP-WUT) organize various types of activities to assists students and to promote the researchers.

Visiting Professors – the courses presented by our collaborators from other universities, presented regularly to our students (especially to master and PhD students involved in advanced research studies) are advertised here.

Doctoral Academic Studies – special courses are designated to PhD students, especially to those that perform their experimental works in AERL, under supervision and coordination of our personnel, with close collaboration with our foreign partners and visiting professors. Most of the topics are in the field of biochemistry and molecular biology, but also in some related research fields. The courses are either scheduled in extensive (2 h lecture / week and 4-8 h experimental works / week, during one semester) or in condensed (8 h/day, in 5-7 successive days) timetable.

Lectures – LCAM is hosting various types of lectures held by our staff or by invited speakers who wish to address to our students or to our research personnel for instruction or to set forth some subject.

Workshops – the students together with the researchers from LCAM are gathering in working, discussion groups, or the like, to emphasize exchange of ideas and the demonstration and application of techniques, skills, etc.

Laboratories Works – LCAM organize various types of laboratories works, experimental presentations or experimental shows addressed to our students, to pupils from high schools or to other organized groups.

Seminars – small groups of students are constantly engaged in advanced study and original research under a member of the faculty and some of their meetings are advertised here.

Advanced Environmental Research Laboratories / Laboratoarele de Cercetări Avansate de Mediu