The main project’s objective is to assess the water quality in the mining operations zones in the cross-border area, to propose remediation methods and to promote education in the field of horizontal principles and environmental protection.

There are three specific objectives:

O1. Improvement of the cross border services for environmental protection

The implementation of the project will result in the acquisition of research instruments, which will increase the capacity of collaborative research and development of the partners for more knowledge and better understanding. These new instruments will increase the chances to develop advanced collaborative studies and to propose new procedures for improving cross border services for environmental protection.

O2. Awareness of the general population and education of pupils and students regarding the state of the rivers in the mining operating zones, the remediation solutions, the environmental issues and horizontal themes.

During the awareness campaigns, informative materials containing information about the state of the rivers in the mining operating zones, remediation solutions, environmental protection, horizontal themes and the importance of sustainable use of natural resources are distributed to people living in the considered areas. In the project web page, in two Facebook profiles, and 3 permanent information points (1 for every partner) news, scientific outcomes, and hypothesis dealing with all mentioned above actions will be constantly presented.  Informative materials concerning project outputs will be published in the project newsletter and other media, training sessions for pupils concerning the horizontal themes, the environmental protection and sustainable use of natural resources are organized. There are pupils that are involved in actions concerning alternative monitoring of polluted areas. Press conferences, press releases and radio/TV communicates will be periodically prepared in order to inform the general population and other categories of peoples from cross-border areas. Students will be involved in training sessions and research activities.

O3. Creating a public knowledge base with data concerning the state of the environment in the mining operations zones in the cross-border area and remediation procedures.

A public knowledge base containing information about the pollution state of rivers in the mining operations zones and the possible remediation procedures will be created on this site. This knowledge base will also contain definitions of specific terms used in the field of mining operations and research activities, references, training materials and research studies.