By implementing this project we exploit the results of the previous IPA project (Cross-border network for advanced training and research in Environmental Protection, Code 464) that conducted to identifying the nature of pollution due to mining copper operations.  The results expected by implementation of this project are:

  • Information and education of youth, participants to capacity building initiatives and general public concerning the horizontal principles and environmental issues specific to the mining operation areas by involving them in awareness campaigns, training sessions and events;
  • Three new instruments are acquired to be used in the field of cross border services for environmental protection;
  • A public knowledge base containing the physicochemical and toxicological characterization of the water streams in considered areas and remediation solutions is produced as a new monitoring systems established in the field of environmental protection in cross-border area;
  • Two scientific studies exposing the situation of the water streams and the remediation procedures, that are publicly available and are sent in printed forms to researchers, specific NGOs, local/regional/national authorities and organizations acting in the field of environmental protection and involving participants to capacity building initiatives.