Welcome to the official site of the project ROmania Serbia NETwork for assessing and disseminating the impact of copper mining activities on water quality in the cross-border area: Remediation solutions, acronym RoS-NET2


The common challenge of the program area that we consider in our project is to define appropriate solutions to reduce the pollution and environmental damages produced by copper mining operations with direct consequences on the human health.

As copper is an essential metal for many industries, there is an increasing necessity for its extraction and mining operations cannot be stopped.

Even if they are stopped, the accumulated waste continuously pollutes the environment and it underlines the necessity to find remediation solutions.

Within this project we consider the copper mining operation areas of Moldova Noua and Bor, having about 25000 inhabitants strongly affected by pollution.


The vision of the project is to assess the water quality in the cross-border mining operations areas, to propose remediation methods and to promote education in the field of environmental protection.

By implementing this project we exploit the results of the previous IPA project (Cross-border network for advanced training and research in Environmental Protection, Code 464) that conducted to identifying the nature of pollution due to mining copper operations, as we perform the physicochemical and toxicological characterization of the water streams, propose remediation solutions and inform general public, NGOs, organizations and public authorities about the existent situation, the necessity and means to solve the problem.


The mission of the project is to organize activities for information and education of youth, participants to capacity building initiatives and the general public concerning the environmental issues specific to the mining operation areas by involving them in awareness campaigns, training sessions, and events;

A public knowledge base containing the physicochemical and toxicological characterization of the water streams in considered areas and remediation solutions will be produced as a new monitoring system established in the field of environmental protection in the cross-border area;

Scientific studies exposing the situation of the water streams and the remediation procedures will be created and will be publicly available to researchers, specific NGOs, local/regional/national authorities and organizations acting in the field of environmental protection and involving participants to capacity building initiatives.

The cross-border collaboration between the partners of the RoS-NET is needed to achieve these missions, as the partners involved in this project have complementary research facilities, complementary skills and a common problem to solve.