The consortium implements the project by presenting various press conferences


Press Conference Date


Press conferences on the occasion of the first year of project implementation held in Bor in 18 September 2020.      18 September 2020
The press conference after the first year of implementation of the Romania-Serbia project (RoS-NET2) took place at the West University of Timisoara and online in 17 of September 2020. The results obtained after 1 year of project implementation have been illustrated and also the objectives and expected results for the second year of project implementation have been highlighted. There were 33 participants, others than the project team. There is a record on the YouTube channel of WUT that illustrate the press conference in Timisoara.      17 September 2020
The Launching Conference of the project has been organized in Timisoara in 8 November 2019. To the Launching Conference of the project have participated 64 persons. Within this event there was description of the partnership, short presentation of each partner, presentation of the project’s objectives, the project’s activities and expected results. 8 November 201
The press conference on the occasion of the beginning of the cross-border cooperation project Ros-Net2 took place in Bor in 1 November 2019.  1 November 2019
Conference presented in Bor about the starting of the project RoS-NET2.  30 October 2019