Presentation with images Date
Participation to a Conference in Serbia 17 March 2021
Activity in laboratories in AERL 01 – 20  December 2020
Reference and installing the instrument “OPENTRONS” in AERL laboratory 14 December 2020
Restation and installation of several instruments in AERL laboratories 20 September – 5 December 2020
Conference of AERL Team about the very best project and its continuation until September in 2021 21 August 2020
Samples collection from river Bage in Timisoara 21 July 2020
Received and installed in AERL entrance of some images of the project RoS-NET2 15 June 2020
Reception and installation of computers and figures in AERL rooms 10 June 2020
Receiving some documents offered at a contest and evaluating the offers by our team 10 April 2020
Description of Project Conference 08 November 2019