Lead partner - West University of Timisoara​​ (


As an institution of higher education, West University of Timisoara (WUT) includes nowadays 11 Faculties, 80 specializations, and more than​​ 12.000 students. The program studies cover all the levels: Bachelor, Master’s Degree, Doctoral and post-Doctoral Studies. Consequently, WUT deals with academic educative and research activities having a rich experience in providing training programs and scientific research. The team involved in this project belongs to the Faculty of Chemistry, Biology, Geography ( and Advanced Environmental Research Laboratories (AERL,​​, these units essentially contributing to the high-level research results.​​ 


WUT is involved in the following actions: project management, research activities, implementation of training sessions, elaboration of the knowledge base, communication and dissemination.


Partner 1 - Mining and Metallurgy Institute Bor (


Mining and Metallurgy Institute Bor (Institut za rudarstvo i metalurgiju​​ Bor, MMI)​​ is a scientific-research organization with predominant activity including development of the scientific-research projects in the fields of geology, mining, metallurgy, and technology, research in the field of mining the deposits and processing the metallic and non-metallic minerals. During more than 55 years of successfully work, MMI Bor has brought together the quality and reliability in the scientific research work, designing, engineering and consulting, special and experimental production, testing of materials, equipment, devices of industrial facilities, research-development and other services, quality control of products, materials and production processes, quality control of living and working environment, presence on domestic an foreign markets, in the fields of: mining, geology, metallurgy and technology, chemical control, informatics, industrial informatics, engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil construction,​​ architecture and publishing. Within the activities,​​ the MMI also carries out a development of: Environmental protection, technology for recycling of mining and metallurgical waste materials, technology for purification of acid mine drainage (AMD) waste water and other wasted water, rehabilitation of soil contaminated by mining wastes, risk assessment studies, expertise and other studies, the investment programs, investment-technical documentation, procurement documentation and other investment documentation for implementation the investment projects in the country and abroad.


IMM Bor is involved in the following actions: project management, research activities, communication and dissemination.


Partner 2 - Ecological Cooperation Group – NERA Caras–Severin branch (


Ecological Cooperation Group – NERA (GEC NERA) is an association with 37 active members and includes a volunteering center with 54 volunteers with residence in the area of natural parks Nera -​​ Beusnita, Semenic - Cheile Caraşului and Iron Gates. GEC NERA has an administration committee, a scientific council and 3 specialized teams in the management of natural protected areas, water, waste management and rural development. GEC NERA cooperates with local authorities for the implementation of the management plan in the areas of natural parks, monitors the water quality of the rivers Nera, Caras, Minis and Danube, participates to elaborating strategies concerning sustainable development and destined​​ to the local communities from the area, and promotes volunteering in the purpose of providing of ecological services for public interest. ​​ 


GEC NERA is involved in the following actions: project management,​​ assessment​​ of the air pollution state, communication and dissemination.​​