“Biotechnological tools implementation for new wound healing applications of byproducts from the crustacean seafood processing industry” – ChitoWound

The objectives of ChitoWound are as follows:

  • To increase the quality and reproducibility of chitin from crustacean waste by development of processing steps utilizing non-destructive enzymatic treatment of the biomass.
  • To characterize the isolated protein/peptide fraction and explore potential use of this as a media component for microbial cultivation and for bioactive properties
  • To produce large batches of chitosans with widely different chemical composition
  • To increase functionality and value of these chitosans by peptide modifications
  • To use the functionalized chitosans for creating new biomaterials targeted for wound healing applications, including also the preparation of new chitosan-based biomaterials
  • To test the new chitosans and biomaterials in in vitro cell based assays

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