Biotechnology for metal bearing materials in Europe

The developed processes give consideration for eco-design and a reduced impact on environment. The investigated biotechnologies, which cover almost all the aspects of the application of biohydrometallurgy, have included bioleaching, bio-oxidation, biosorption, bioreduction, bio-accumulation, bioprecipitation, bioflotation, bioflocculation, and biosensors.

The main ultimate objective has been to determine the specifications of environmentally friendly biotechnologies that are economically attractive particularly at a small scale, especially suitable for the European situation. They will in some circumstances provide an alternative to current technologies such as roasting and smelting for difficult-to-treat resources and often in a complementary way of processing materials to extend the feed of metal sources for Europe.

Overall budget 17.442.380,00 €.

The project duration is from November 2004 – October 2008.

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