Management of Mining Waste

Project for Management of mining waste tailing damp at the region Bor. Scientific cooperation between Japan and Serbia

  • Project type: Dispatch of Science Technology Researchers
  • Project objective: Current environmental impact by the mine tailings will be evaluated and mitigation measures for environmental impact will be created.
  • Project sites: Region Bor
  • Duration: August 2011 – August 2013
  • Executing Organization: International Center for Research and Education on Mineral and Energy Resources, Akita University and Institute for Mining and Metallurgy Bor


  • Improvement of methods for environmental evaluation along Krivelj, Bor and Timok Rivers to establish base for environmental evaluation.
  • Preliminary environmental evaluation of river water and sediments from Bor to Danube River.
  • Defining and monitoring the problem of the contamination of the soil, water and river caused by the uncared dump in the region of Bor.

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