We want this questionnaire to be completed by anyone who wishes between June 1 and October 31, 2020.

    The Advanced Environmental Research Laboratories of the West University of Timișoara, within the RoS-NET2 project (eMS codȘRoRs 337), carry out an opinion poll about your attitude towards the environment and the impact of mining activities in the country / area your environment. You were chosen at random. Mark the corresponding answer with an X and, if necessary, provide the required details.
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    a. I live in an area where pollution is a problem.b. I have respiratory / health problems caused by air pollution.c. Someone I know has respiratory / health problems caused by air pollution.d. I don't want my family exposed to pollution.e. I travel frequently and I want to know more about pollution in other localities.f. I live near refineries / mines.g. I'm interested in environmental data (eg air quality, climate change, etc.).h. I live near a highway.i. None of the above.

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    a. News / Pressb. TVc. Mobile phone applicationsd. Websitese. Announcements / groupsf. Reports of environmental agenciesg. I'm not looking air quality data

    a. How to keep me and my family healthy.b. The level of pollution in the place where they live / place of residence.c. The level of pollution in the country where I live / the country where I reside.d. How can they have a positive impact on the quality of the environment.e. The scientific literature on the impact of pollution on health.f. Air pollution.

    a. Documentation / research for political documents, newsb. Activities of NGOs / civil societyc. General interestd. Scientific research

    a. Short article / briefingb. Infographicsc. Audio-videod. Datasetse. Mapsf. Graphicsg. Reports / evaluations

    a. Short presentationb. Intermediate level of complexityc. Complex in-depth analysis

    a. LinkedInb. YouTubec. Websited. Facebooke. Twitter

    a. I've heard about the program, but I'm not sure what it is aboutb. I'm familiar with the programc. I'm not familiar with the program at all

    a. In my studiesb. In my professional activitiesc. On social platformsd. On a search enginee. In scientific publicationsf. In political documentsg. In the mediah. I'm not sure

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