Care sunt rezervele de cupru actuale?

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May 03, 2020 10:00 PM 1 Answers Mining
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As dori sa stiu care sunt rezervele de cupru din lume, Romania, Serbia si restul Europei si care este tara care extrage cea mai mare cantitate de cupru.

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May 07, 2020

In Romania there are 9 copper mines, three of them being located in cross border area: Baia de Arama (reserves of 16 million tons of ore grading 0.24% copper), Sasca Montana (reserves of 12 million tons of ore grading 0.75% copper) and Moldova Noua being second largest copper reserve in Romania (500 million tons of ore grading 0.35% copper).

In Serbia, the most important copper mines are located in Bor District. Bor Copper Mines include two mines with open pit exploitation (reserves Veliki Krivelj and Cerovo), one underground mine (Jama mine), two facilities for preparation of minerals (Concentrators in Krivelj and Bor), one nonmetals mine (Open Pit and Lime Production Plant in Zagradje) and Exploration Facility.
Certified geological reserves amount to approximately 3 billion tons of ore and they contain approximately 12 million tons of copper.

In 2017, Chlie was the country that exploited the highest amount of copper.

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