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Enhancement Biogas Production of Canned Maize Production Sludge by Ozone and Microwave Pretreatments
The aim of the most of cases in the sludge management technologies is only the volume reduction. But nowadays requires of biomass based energy sources have led to the utilization of organic content of sludge for biogas producing. The production of canned maize produces high volume of waste water and sewage sludge, with high starch-content, high chemical and biological oxygen demand. Thermal, chemical, biological and mechanical processes and their different combinations have been studied as possible pretreatment to accelerate sludge hydrolysis. In our work the effect of microwave and ozone pre-treatment on biogas production and biodegradability of canned maize production sludge were examined and the energy balance of the processes using different sludge pre-treatments were determined. It was found, that the ozone treatment decreased the chemical oxygen demand, while the biological oxygen demand, and the biodegradability increased. Microwave pre-treatments could enhance biodegradability and the organic content was became more water soluble and accessible for microorganisms. The combination of microwave and ozone treatment also increased the biodegradability, related to the ozone treatment alone. The investigation of biogas production showed that all type of pre-treatment enhance the methane-production: the 30 min ozone treatment and the 5 min 250W microwave treatment resulted positive energy balance.

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