AWUT - Advisory Board

Advisory Board
The Journal operates a thorough system of Editorial Board peer-review for their research articles. Reviewers are derived from the Editorial Board of the journal. They might be aware or unaware of the author's identity.
The pre-publication history of each paper  -  dates of the received, modified and accepted versions are mentioned on the accepted articles
Adrian Chiriac Physical-Chemistry, QSAR, Molecular Biology
Zeno Simon Physical-Chemistry, QSAR, Quantum Chemistry
Vasile Ostafe Biochemistry, Chromatography, Environmental Chemistry
Nicolae  Doca Catalysis, Thermal Analysis, Chemical Technology
Ciprian Radovan Electrochemistry, Colloidal Chemistry
Remus Nuţiu Organic Chemistry, Reaction Mechanisms
Ionel Ciucanu Analytical Chemistry, Chromatography
Constantin Bolcu Organic Chemistry, Polymers
Mihai Putz Physical Chemistry, Computational Chemistry
Gabriela Preda Organic Chemistry, Catalysis
Adriana Isvoran Biophysics
Titus Vlase Thermal Analysis, Chemistry of Solid State
Vlad Chiriac Analytical Chemistry
Otilia Bizerea Inorganic Chemistry
Daniela Dascalu Physical-Chemistry
Dana Vlascici Analytical Chemistry
Mariana Albulescu Organic Chemistry, Natural Compounds
Dorina Modra Organic Chemistry
Horia Popovici Analytical Chemistry
Gabriela Vlase Inorganic Chemistry, Thermal Analysis
Corina Duda-Seiman QSAR, Organic Chemistry
Laura Pitulice Environmental Chemistry