AWUT - Annals of West University of Timisoara

Is printed regularly since 1992 with 1(one) volume per year, being published by West University of Timisoara, Faculty of Chemistry – Biology – Geography, Chemistry Department.
Starting with 2000 the Institute of Chemistry Timisoara Branch, from Romanian Academy becomes co-sponsor of the Journal. After this agreement, the Journal appeared with 1(one) volume per year with 2 (two) regular issues.
Special issueshost the papers presented at scientific meetings where Faculty of Chemistry – Biology – Geography and Institute of Chemistry Timisoara are Co-Organizers.
Special issues may also be dedicated to local personalities who devoted their work to promotion of chemical sciences in scientific community
The peer-review process provided by the distinguished members of the Editorial Advisory Panel ensures the high quality and integrity of Journal articles.
The short title Ann.W.U.T-Ser. Chem. is strongly recommended to briefly refer to the journal in footnotes, bibliographies and bibliographical references and strips.